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Is this Keeping You From Acting Success?

Written By Jodie Bentley—

Brace yourself for a dose of reality?

72% of SAG-AFTRA actors make under $5,000 for acting per year.

85% of Equity actors are unemployed at any given time.

Those are the odds you’re up against.

Ever hear someone say, “If you can do anything else other than be an actor, do it.”


First of all, I highly disagree with those people. Who are they to crush the dreams of others because of their own thoughts and excuses!? (more on this in a bit)

Second of all, kudos to you! You made the choice to be an actor, live your passion, and follow your dream. Most people are too terrified to do that. They play it safe. Not you. You’re fearless. And I acknowledge you.

So sure, perhaps those odds sound scary. Let’s flip it.

You get to ask yourself, “How will I be in the 28% of SAG-AFTRA actors making a living or the 15% of Equity actors who have a gig?”

It’s by knowing who you are, what you want, where you’re going, and having a business plan to get you there.

And look, sometimes one little thing gets in the way of that.

Your excuses.

Most people are drowning in their own excuses.

The excuses you make can keep you from your truth and will create a reality which you keep resisting.

All of your excuses are generated from the mind and are all based in lack. And here’s a fun fact for you – Your mind is a freaking liar!

You tell yourself lies all the time and you believe them. The lies your mind tells you keep you playing safe and playing small.

…if I had more money, I could afford to be a great actor.

…if I take just one more class, I will be ready.

…if I had better clothes, I’d book on camera.

…if I had a trust fund, I’d have the success I want.

…if I had better connections, I’d have the career I want.

…when I book a Broadway show, I will be happy.

…when I book a TV series, I will be happy.

…when I lose 5 pounds, I will be ready.

…when I get married, I’ll have the support I need to pursue my dreams.

…when I don’t have to work my day job, then I’ll have more time to be an actor.

Any of this sound familiar?

All of these are excuses you may be carrying with you that are keeping you from success.

So….step #1 to acting success is STOP with your excuses as to why it’s impossible.

First and foremost, write out your go-to excuses. Think of any time you say the words, if, when or but. Anything that comes after those words are (excuse my French) bullsh*t!

Know your excuses. Identify them. See them for what they are – merely an opinion your mind formed a long time ago to keep you from getting hurt.

Once you can be honest with yourself and become aware of your excuses and catch yourself in the moment, then you will be able to shift and choose a different action.

My client Natasha and I did the work to detect her excuses. She realized how much they were ruling her. Once we shifted them and turned them around, her booking ratio increased by over 400%. Now that’s powerful 😀

As we know, nothing will change if you change nothing.

I invite you to change getting derailed by your excuses. Then everything will shift.

Jodie Bentley

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