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5 books every performer should read.

Written By LimeLight App—

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1. The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life Book by Twyla Tharp One of my favorite books by well-known Choreographer Twyla Tharp. If you’re a performer in a slump, or you feel burned out, this is the book for you! Many times throughout the book, she mentions how the book can serve for more than just performers. It can resonate with actors, teachers (Limes or Lights), and even finance people. The book has exercises that deal with creating, memory, and building validation. What I find most interesting is how she uses her exercises in her own work, which drives me to apply it in my own day-to-day.

2. Breaking It Down: Audition Techniques for Actors of the Global Majority by Nicole Hodges Persley and Monica White Ndounou When I first read this book, I felt like it should be required for every college student and professor to read. It shines a light on important conversations and how the Global Majority are forced into feeling an unfair standard. The book also suggests having an actor journal and this is something I think is a must for this book!

This book I had to read in school, but I still use it and read it when I’m feeling unsure of my acting education. This book can also be for someone who wants to learn about Uta Hagen and discover her school of acting!

Through industry contacts, Lance posts interviews with actors, directors, screenwriters, casting directors. On the Daily there are also columns and tons of information to help inform actors.

Just like the Creative Habit, Kristin believes that anyone can possess a voice that can express any emotion (which I believe as well). She was a Scottish vocal coach, acting teacher, actor, theater director, and later worked at Columbia University. Reading her work is transformative and given there aren't a lot of voice books for the actor, she explains everything very clearly. If this peaks your interest, she also wrote another book about Shakespeare and being able to feel free through his text.

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