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What is EMC and is it going away?

Written By LimeLight App—

If you’ve ever been to an audition and you hear people saying “I need a couple of more points to join EMC", or “they are taking away EMC” and you have no idea why or what's going on... This article is for you!

The Equity Membership Candidate Program (EMC) grants nonunion actors credit for theatrical work in certain Equity Theaters which will lead to a membership in Equity.

How many points do I need to join you might ask?

You need 25 creditable weeks of work at any of the participating theaters. Once you gain these points your eligibility to join Equity lasts for 5 years. During that time, if you book a job at an Equity theater, you must be signed to an Equity contract.

If you have the points, here's how to join.

  1. first secure a qualifying position at an Equity theater that offers the Equity Membership Candidate program.

  2. Complete the EMC Registration Form supplied by the theater and return it to them with the non-refundable $200 registration fee, payable to Actors’ Equity Association.

  3. Members of any performing arts sister union must complete the Modified EMC Program section of the registration form.

Auditioning while EMC

When auditioning for an EPA and you are EMC you will be picked before non- equity. (make sure you bring your card) Unfortunately you have to wait in line the morning of the audition until you can sign your name on an official list with the monitor. EMCs will be seen only if an equity member doesn’t show up for their appointment, Casting is running ahead of schedule, and there are no equity alternates left on the alt list. EMCs who sign up after the lunch break must sign up at the end of the non-equity list.

Keep in mind if you're an EMCs at an ECC you are one the same level as Non-equity so find that Unofficial list.

What’s Changing about being EMC

As of May 2023 there will be no more EMC applicants given out and by May 2026 EMC’s will not be given priority at auditions and will be seen as non-equity. (Woah). But if you’re EMC You can also become a member immediately through Open Access, and any fees you have paid to the union will go towards the initiation fee.

Thinking about it when I’m old I will be saying “well back in the day they had this thing called EMC” and everyone will think I’m old.

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