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What Podcasts are performers listening to?

Written By LimeLight App—

In May 2021 LimeLight asked over thousands of performers to fill out a form to help figure out if LimeLight was something our industry needed. One of the questions we asked was “Are there any blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels you follow?”

Here are the top 6 podcasts, blogs, and Youtube channels that performers listen to; that are supported in our community! Check out some of these incredible outlets to help you start feeling inspired, gain more information, or even just take a moment to pause and reflect.

6. That one Audition-Podcast - Alyshia Ochse Alyshia is a Film/Television Actress, Producer, Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur. She shares her creative process, talks about the business, and shares challenges actors face. The guests that she has on her show are diverse and relatable working artists. Look out for her “Wednesday Wisdom.

5. Acting Career Center- Youtube- Kurt Yue Kurt is a working actor in film and television. He shares his knowledge about if you're feeling stuck, just starting out and tips to improve your skills. Not wasting time and money is super important to the actor and that is something that is harped on!

4. One broke actress- Podcast- Sam Valentine

One Broke Actress podcast is all about empowering actors at all levels of their careers. There are conversations on everything from casting, agent meetings, booking, and mental health. Host/actress Sam Valentine brings people in and around the acting industry who are working right now in LA.

3. Daily Actor- Website- Lance Carter founder of the Daily decided to create his own news and content. Through industry contacts, Lance posts interviews with actors, directors, screenwriters, casting directors. On the Daily there are also columns and tons of information to help inform actors.

2. Actor Aesthetic-Blog/Podcast - Hosted by New York City-based actor Maggie Bera

Maggie educates performers by creating resources and interviewing people who do various jobs in the theater industry. This podcast is especially helpful for the pre-professional performers looking to give themselves insight to the theater world.

1. Audrey Helps Actors- Podcast Audrey invites a guest from the business and talks about advice for auditions, getting an agent, and about the union. This Podcast has tangible tips, resources, and big information too. Audrey brings on a variety of guests in different levels of their career/experiences and seeing the commonality between those that are consistently working is helpful to the listener.

Honorable mentions: Heidi Dean, Broadway Briefing, and The Actor Ceo

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